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October 14, 2007 at 4:27 pm Leave a comment

I have started two new blogs this weekend, the CI blog on the xigi discovery process and the xb blog on the product and business definition. in addition, my two partners have started writing at the blog. They got stalled for a while thinking they had to be strategic about a blog. now andrea has pushed through that and i think we’re ready to go. And the good thing is, i have readers, collaborators on both blogs; people I know who will be deeply interested in what i say and what I am thinking and discovering.. so i guess this is still a place to talk about how these projects and brands and interests all sort of intersect. i need to update the blog role here.. but i don’t think i will yet.. people who want to follow those separate tracks will do it and those who don’t will not… i don’t want to direct attention as much onto myself as onto the stuff im building… so this will remain a pretty personal repository, far away from needing to figure out what anybody thinks about what im doing.. .personal quirky and my own.. my tastes can get expressed here. a safe space, is what i am claiming. these are the expectations for this blog…


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