Highest value of a network connecting local farms?

August 26, 2007 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

If you reduce latency in the system, linking growers to buyers and/or the farmers market intermediaries, could we be able to measure the relative freshness (shortest time since the plant stopped growing, therefor x for your health vs. y… or flavor or whatever… just sell time to market as something you can provide an edge on, and that that time saved is flavor saved, is nutrient saved, etc, and the proof is in the tasting, of course; it’s not just better for you, it tastes better when the local farms are on a network. and the carbon footprint of this squash is also reduced by the market knowledge the network provides.

you don’t go looking for buyers, you know where they are. aimless driving reduced immensely. and that adds up to a bonus to the people who value the earth and their food. lowest carbon footprint, shortest time from cutting, for our squash, etc. the data from your network becomes automatic validation of increased value received by consumers. they could even buy a tiered index; time labels that decay from green to red, so they pay a premium for the most recent…. though that has some problems.. but once they buy less time and fewer miles as values that will make them pay more, then you have to come up with tiered pricing.

A person could, of course, buy organic food outside of this network. if you don’t mind being more complicity with the ignorant and unconscious industrial farming system, if that’s what they’d like to bring home, the message along with the groceries that they bring to their precious pampered children . or they could bring home smart food that creates a cleaner planet and saves family farms and builds meaningful local communities. it’s all about the network; food from the network is better for you, better for the planet, better for your palate. and then it might be linked vertically to branded production, like in Wholesome Harvest.

or that’s one scenario. …


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