An Automated machiavelli for the people

August 12, 2007 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

what we’re building: an automated machiavelli for the people.
forensic analysis of the wins and losses encompassed in particular bills; those same players will be around next year; pushing different constituent elements of the same agenda; so history is predictive of current and future activity.
the project is similar in shape to the human genome project: analyzing and discovering recombinant power molecules.
a taxonomy of power; multiple toppings on the pizza of a bill; who got their onions on the bill passed who didn’t. and what do they want next year?
intrigues political and social classes . betty sue. how to intrigue a large group to work on this tool. like decoding the genome of the honey bee; a tool to tell you how to recombine these elements .first best case would be the environment. a practical amateur chemistry kit for recombining power and remixing power, a mashup, from known constituent elements.
reverse engineering the budget from the embedded political power elements.

if this tool does not give people a way to get a handle on the levers of power in new ways, people in single units and in aggregate, then it really hasn’t done anything. illuminating a budget without making it a tool for citizens to change the balance of power is not success. power tool for the people

a document like abbot suger’s document around st. denis. viagra for citizenship. here is Smith’s geologic map of Englandgeologic_map_smith_1815


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doostang Trend map

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