Parent child, post collonial style

July 15, 2007 at 8:19 pm Leave a comment

Some things have a parent child relationship; a diocese to a parish, a phylum to a family to a species. Sometimes, though the parent child assumption as you build out projects leads to paternalism. With the MDG mapping project we are having to build using hierarchical Cartesian logic and display it in a post collonial context of how power and value flow.

That’s not  simple, but it will make the site much more usable; the people who use it will be more comfortable with it, I think, from my observation of the target audience for that project; well meaning people in the Episcopal Church as the initial market, who want to have more of a positive impact in the world, with their money and other resources, and make those flows between rich and poor, foreign and close at hand, be something both sides feel good about, with a different, more sustainable power dynamic.

There are all sorts of frictions to eliminate in these sorts of flows, cultural friction is one that is seldom accounted for sufficiently, as I see things usually measured. The Story Index project will be able to measure the flows we create on the MDG mapping site, whose highest and best goal, as I see it in its original formulation, is to be a parish validated, but including more than microfinance, and also including non cash transfers of value; volunteering, volunteering and sticking with it, buying things produced from the place where the mission project is focused/the aid is going starts a bidirectional flow. Cultural exchanges would also fit into that. Measuring cultural value is part of what the storyindex project will do.

It’s really great to have a space like this blog where I can put my thoughts together on how my projects might overlap and combine and add power to each other.. On xigi, I had to represent the goals of that single project. This site is about projects; it’s not a project in itself. It’s a place to talk about how I’m playing with all these projects, how I’m learning to have fun as I move them forward. It’s kevin’s space, there is not any other entity has a claim on it.  That’s a high value to me. I’m not trying to build an audience. I’m just going to do what I here with myself, I guess, and my close friends and collaborators, occassionally pointed to something I find here that may summarize some of the projects we are working on. It could I guess become a link between those people, but that’s not something I’m going to work on making happen.

I’m just here to play. Thank God other people are leading now.


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